devious photography | Foals, 7/31/13 @ The High-Noon Saloon, Madison, WI

Foals, playing a packed show at the High-Noon Saloon on 7/31/13 in Madison, WI
Yannis Philippakis, Crowd surfingYannis PhilippakisFoals and CrowdFoalsYannis Philippakis, Crowd SurfingJimmy SmithYannis PhilippakisFoalsFoals and CrowdYannis Philippakis, about to land on me while crowd surfing...Yannis PhilippakisWalter GerversJack BevanYannis PhilippakisFoalsJimmy SmithJack Bevan and Walter GerversFoals and CrowdFoalsJack Bevan