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Garbage performing (in the rain!) on 8/9/12 at the first ever Pondamonium at Warner Park in Madison, WI (with the Dum Dum Girls and the Flaming Lips). First Madison show in many years for the home-town band.
Shirley MansonButch VigDuke EriksonShirley MansonShirley MansonCrowd with storm clouds in the backgroundShirley MansonButch Vig and touring bassist Eric AverySteve MarkerDuke Erikson, playing in the rainCrowdShirley MansonDuke Erikson, rockin' in the rainShirley MansonShirley MansonCrowd, now with ponchosShirley Manson, flipping the bird with Steve Marker's profile also making an apperanceButch VigDuke EriksonShirley Manson